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The Barmer contribution rate is 16.79 percent. This allows our members to benefit from our consistently high-quality services and outstanding customer service.

For all branches of social security in Germany, statutory contribution rates are determined by the legislature. These are calculated as a percentage of income in line with the principle of solidarity – higher earners pay higher contributions. But only up to a limit known as the contribution assessment ceiling. No additional contributions are collected from earnings above this threshold.

Contribution rates within the statutory health insurance system

Health insurance providers are also able to charge additional individual contribution rates. The Barmer contribution rate is calculated based on

  • the standard statutory contribution rate of 14.6
  • or the reduced statutory contribution rate of 14.0
  • and the additional individual health insurance provider contribution rate of 2.19 percent.

Barmer contribution rates for 2024

Contribution rates for health insurancePercentage
Standard Barmer contribution rate16.79
Reduced Barmer contribution rate16.19
Contribution rates for long-term care, pension, and unemployment insurancePercentage
Long-term care insurance3.4
Surcharge to the contribution for long-term care insurance for those without children0.6
Reduction to the contribution for long-term care insurance for those with children (under 25)0,25
Pension insurance18.6
Unemployment insurance2.6

Trainees, employees, and voluntarily insured persons pay a maximum of 16.79 % for public health insurance.

The contribution rate for long-term care insurance is 4,0 % (without children) – your employer pays 1,7 % of this amount. Parents receive a 0.25 % reduction on their long-term care contribution rate for each child under the age of 25. Therefore, in the future, contribution rates for long-term care insurance will be tiered.

More information on contributions for employed people and trainees (German)

Students are required to pay a monthly contribution of €128.38 (under the age of 23) or €133.25 (from the age of 23) for public health insurance.

Students with children receive a reduction on their long-term care contribution rate of 0.25% per child (from two to five children under the age of 25).

More information on contributions for students (German)

Affordable contribution rates and extensive Barmer benefits are also available for people who are self-employed and work full time. You even have the option to receive sick pay in the event of long-term illnesses.

More information on contributions for self-employed people (German)

You never know what life has in store for you – but you can decide who you want to rely on for health insurance. Barmer also offers the option of voluntary insurance, and our fair and transparent contribution rates are sure to make your decision an easy one.

More information on contributions for voluntarily insured persons (German)

All-round outstanding care, continuing into your retirement – Barmer provides first-class insurance coverage for pensioners and benefit recipients. We also offer individual consultation on any questions you may have about contribution rates.

More information on contributions for pensioners and benefit recipients (German)

Contributions paid for health insurance and long-term care insurance have be given much greater consideration in the tax system since January 1, 2010. The legal framework for this is provided by the German Citizens Relief Act.

Useful information for your tax return is available here (German)

Do you transfer your premiums directly to Barmer? With Barmer, standardized accounts for transferring your premiums are available at all Sparkasse, Volksbank and other major bank networks in Germany.

Go to bank accounts for payment of premiums (German)

Calculate contribution rates yourself

This is an easy way to calculate your health, long-term care, pension, and unemployment contributions insurance yourself. 

Go to the contribution calculator (German)