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You want the best for your family, and so does Barmer

What matters most to families is peace of mind, good health and having lots of time for one another. And that's exactly what our health plans and benefits are aimed at: comprehensive health cover with loads of extras, optimal support and first-class medical care. In addition to this, you benefit from our offerings in the fields of preventive and alternative medicine as well as our time-saving services and digital products. With Barmer, your entire family enjoys comprehensive cover – and you pay just one health insurance contribution.

The best coverage and expert advice for the whole family

World-class medical care and expertise, nationwide: Barmer offers you the best possible care by renowned doctors throughout the country. You benefit from the highest quality treatment. If you have a special disease or are in need of an operation, we support you by arranging for a second opinion or an appointment with a specialist.

Children and youth programme: Regular screening tests help to counteract the effect of health deficiencies or developmental problems from an early stage. Barmer supports you with additional examinations and makes it quick and easy for your paediatrician to consult a specialist.

The "Family Plus" package: We cover the costs of all medically necessary treatments as well as any medications and medical devices required. You are given a budget of 200 euros to spend on supplementary examinations of your choice, such as professional teeth cleaning, a toxoplasmosis screening or additional medicines.

Dental prophylaxis for infants, children and adolescents: Barmer provides comprehensive cover for regular dental check-ups and preventive treatment – from 6 months to 18 years of age.

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Your life is digital, and so is Barmer

The Barmer App: Manage all the important stuff online. In the "Meine Barmer" members' section, you can view medical and clinical services received for example, apply for caregiver allowance to look after a sick child and manage all your online communication with us.

First aid with the Child Emergency App: Reassuring to know it's on hand 24/7 – the Child Emergency App contains information on first aid as well as child safety tips.

"Bedtime" sleeping aid for you and your children: Everyone is more relaxed when well-rested. Our Alexa Skill or Google Home Action helps ensure the whole family gets a good night's sleep.

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Saving money with us for the nice things in life

We offer you first-class benefits at an attractive price: Take advantage of our affordable premiums for families and co-insure all family members on the same policy. As a member, you pay a contribution of 16,79 percent – up to the so-called contribution assessment ceiling. If your income exceeds this, it's worth taking out voluntary health insurance with us. With Barmer, your entire family enjoys comprehensive cover – and you pay just one health insurance contribution.

Claim up to 150 euros in cash or other attractive bonuses each year: The Barmer Bonus Program allows you and co-insured family members to collect bonus points by taking part in health-promoting activities, such as enrolling in an exercise class. You can then use these points directly in the app to purchase special rewards.

Fresh impetus thanks to allowances for health courses: We contribute up to 200 euros annually towards health education courses on exercise and fitness, nutrition, relaxation and addiction. 

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Frequently asked questions for families

Yes. Your spouse or registered civil partner and dependent children can be co-insured free of charge under certain preconditions. One precondition is that each co-insured family member does not earn over 485 euro a month (with minijob 520 euro). Age limits also apply to your children. You’ll also need to fill out an annual questionnaire to keep the family insurance active and inform us whenever the family’s situation changes. It’s best to contact Barmer directly for further information on family insurance so that we can advise you according to your family situation.

Yes, many. With Barmer, you have a strong and reliable partner at your side – especially when it comes to pregnancy and families. Soon-to-be families receive a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • 200 euro budget for additional healthcare services or medication with the Family Plus Package
  • Free midwife advisory service via telephone or chat
  • Midwife on-call service
  • Co-payment exemption for medication, medical aids and physical therapies
  • Free birth preparation course for pregnant women
  • Up to 10 reconstructive gymnastics sessions after the birth
  • The Pelivina app for pelvic floor muscle exercises at home

Yes. Whether you give birth in a hospital maternity ward, birth centre or at home, you are free to decide. Of course, your doctor will also advise you on the best place to ensure your and your child’s well-being. All hospital maternity wards and birth centres have open days where you can visit the location and meet the doctors and nurses who will support you during this most important time. To locate a hospital or clinic in your area, you can speak with your midwife or use the Barmer Kliniksuche tool by entering the search words “Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe” and your postcode.

To find a qualified midwife in your area, you can use various search options. Your doctor (Frauenarzt) may also be able to advise you on finding a midwife. Our tip: Start looking for a midwife at the beginning of your pregnancy. The midwife search engine Ammely is available in English and has the option to select a midwife who speaks your preferred language. A detailed German-language database of qualified midwives is also available from the GKV-Spitzenverband midwife search tool. If you need help or have any questions, please feel free to ask Barmer for personal advice.
You can also speak or chat with qualified midwives via Barmer’s free midwife advisory service. Please contact us for more information on how to access this service. 

Yes. If your child is ill and needs to be cared for at home, Barmer supports you with child sick pay under certain preconditions, for example, that your child is under 12 years old and has public health insurance. This allows you to concentrate fully on caring for your child without any major financial burden as long as you are not receiving a salary from your employer. Contact Barmer for more information on what preconditions exist for child sick pay and how to apply.

Yes. Employed women and self-employed women with an entitlement to sick pay can receive maternity pay. The amount of maternity pay depends on your regular monthly income and the maximum amount is set by law. In 2022, this amounts to 13 euro per day. In most cases, your employer pays the difference between your maternity pay and your regular net salary. Maternity pay is provided during the last six weeks of pregnancy, for the day of childbirth and for the first eight weeks after childbirth. This period includes an extra 4 weeks if you have twins. You can apply for maternity payment via our website or the Barmer App. Of course, you are also welcome to visit us in person or call our English Service Hotline so we can fill out the application together.

Yes. The German government offers a range of financial benefits to families, for example parental allowance and the child allowance. Information in English on what financial benefits are offered to families in Germany is available from the Family Portal website of the Federal German Government.

Yes. Barmer covers the full costs of preventive medical checkups for children and youth. These statutory examinations include the U1 (1st child examination) through to the U9 (9th child examination) and the J1 (1st youth examination). Please speak with your pediatrician about when these examinations are required.

With the Barmer Child and Youth Program (Kinder- und Jugend-Programm), your family is in safe hands with additional services such as PädExpert® and Paed.Check®.

With PädExpert®, both you and your pediatrician can obtain direct specialist tele-medical advice on chronic or rare diseases, including treatment processes for diagnosis, therapies or progress assessment. 

Paed.Check® are regular preventive medical and psychosocial checkups tailored to the specific age and developmental stages of children. These specialist checkups help to identify a wide range of extraordinary health or developmental deficiencies in advance and ensure targeted countermeasures are taken. 

Participation in the Child and Youth Program is easy. Simply contact our English Service Hotline and request the contact details of a participating pediatrician in your area.

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