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You're studying? Barmer is here for you

Are you interested in health insurance for students? Barmer is here for you – with excellent services, extra benefits and affordable contributions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Peace of mind when travelling – with Barmer

100 percent reimbursement of the costs for travel vaccinations: Are certain vaccinations required for your travels abroad? We cover the full cost of these, so you have more money left over to enjoy your holiday.

Free travel vaccination info hotline: The Barmer Teledoktor is on call daily from 6.00 to 24.00 to answer any questions you may have on travel vaccinations.

Additional cover for semesters abroad or travel: If you require medical assistance while overseas, it can get expensive fast. So that you have one less thing to worry about, we offer exclusive rates on additional foreign travel insurance with our health insurance partner HUK-COBURG Krankenversicherung.

Ways you can benefit financially

Receive a payout of more than 100 euros in bonus each year: The Barmer Bonus Program allows you to collect bonus points by engaging in health-promoting activities, such as joining a fitness class. You can then redeem these points directly in the app to purchase special rewards.

Barmer customers work out for less: As a Barmer member, you can take advantage of exclusive deals offered by our partner fitness centres – and save a lot of money in the process.

Optional tariffs - up to 100 euros cashback annually: With our Pro Fit elective tariff, you can be reimbursed up to 100 euros each year if you make no or only a small  number of claims.

Learning is worthwhile - allowances for healthpromoting courses:  We contribute up to 200 euros annually towards health education courses on exercise and fitness, nutrition, relaxation and addiction. 

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Your life is digital – and so is Barmer

The Barmer-App – manage all important communication from wherever you are: Our online service centre and secure member area Meine Barmer allows you to access many of our services digitally via smartphone app or internet browser. For example, you can download your health insurance certificate for your university as well as your BAföG certificate or upload your certificate of enrolment. Your personal online mailbox enables you to communicate information directly and securely with Barmer. The integrated health manager also helps you to schedule and keep track of important medical appointments.

Relax with the 7Mind meditation app: When everything starts becoming a bit too much, 7Mind helps you to keep your cool. Barmer members have 12 months exclusive free access to the mindfulness training.

Rest well with our sleeping aid: You can study better when you‘re well rested. Our Alexa Skill or GoogleHome Action Schlafenszeit (Bedtime) is the ideal way to relax.

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Checklist for students

Planning to study in Germany? For international students, Germany offers a top education and many exciting experiences. Check out our step-by-step guide on what to organize before and after you arrive.

Checklist for students
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Your perfect start in Germany

Watch our video with Amit Narayan. You will get the most important tips for your fist time in Germany.

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