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FAQs – Everything you need to know

From finding doctors and specialists to using your e-health card. We answer the most important questions about healthcare in Germany.

Cover, benefits & health treatments

Barmer covers you for all medically necessary healthcare services and treatments. This includes healthcare at doctors, specialists, approved therapists, hospitals, basic dental care, prescription medication and more.

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Doctor visits, hospital stays & emergencies

In Germany, your GP, gynecologist, dentist or pediatrician are the recommended first points of contact to coordinate all your future healthcare needs. An you can visit some medical specialists without a referral.

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E-health card & traveling within the EU

Your EHIC on the back of your BARMER e-health card will assist you in most EU countries to receive emergency medical treatment. The EHIC works the same way as the e-health card – show your card to the doctor and the costs are billed directly to BARMER.

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FAQ for employees, students, families and self-employed

When is public health insurance mandatory? And what are the contribution rates for barmer? Here you will find all the answers to frequently asked questions for employees, students, families and self-employed.

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Need more help?

For further information simply call our English Service Hotline on 0800 333 0060* (and +49 202 568 333 0060* from abroad).

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