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Health insurance

Additional insurance for every stage of life

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We have worked with our partner HUK-COBURG-Krankenversicherung to develop a tailored range of additional insurance options with exclusive conditions. We would like to recommend these to you with confidence, now and in the future, and make things more transparent for you.

Additional outpatient coverage: If you choose our additional outpatient coverage, you can insure naturopathic treatments, co-payments for remedies, and additional long-term care coverage alongside standard outpatient treatments. More information (German) 

Additional inpatient coverage: When it comes to your health – there’s nothing wrong with wanting more. If you choose our additional inpatient coverage and have to go to the hospital, you will be treated as a private patient by a chief physician. More information (German)

Additional dental coverage: Our partner HUK-COBURG-Krankenversicherung offers our policy holders an exclusive range of additional dental coverage options that you can use to reduce your own contributions towards your treatment. More information (German)

Additional long-term care coverage: Our partner HUK-COBURG-Krankenversicherung offers a daily care allowance option for you and your family. More information (German)

Additional death benefit: HUK-COBURG-Krankenversicherung’s death benefit option ensures that your family will be able to give you a dignified funeral. More information (German)

Additional foreign travel coverage: It’s always good to have a reliable companion by your side when you’re traveling: additional foreign travel coverage from HUK-COBURG-Krankenversicherung and Barmer. More information (German)

Additional coverage for your children: If you want your children to receive special health benefits, then additional coverage from our partner HUK-COBURG-Krankenversicherung is the right option for you. Additional coverage for your children (German)

Additional coverage for people over 60: With our partner HUK-COBURG-Krankenversicherung’s Generation 60 Plus coverage, you can add coverage for dentures, visual aids, and co-payments for remedies. More information (German)