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All kinds of challenges may arise in your professional life. With Barmer, you can rest assured that you‘re in safe hands with complete health cover. We work with the best medical professionals, and our healthcare and treatment plans are especially varied and flexible. Digital services, like the Barmer App, support you in everyday life, promote your health and improve your work/life balance.

Top cover and professional advice

The best medical care and expertise, nationwide: There are times when only the very best will do. At Barmer, we connect our members to highly qualified specialists throughout Germany with whom we have contractual agreements. You benefit from the highest quality medical care, and depending on the physician, from an additional payment discount of up to 150 euros. If you have a special illness or are in need of an operation, we support you in getting a second opinion and an earlier appointment with a specialist physician via our waiting time management service.

100 percent reimbursement of the costs for travel vaccinations: Are certain vaccinations required for your travels abroad? We cover the full costs for these, so you have more money left over to enjoy your holiday.

Naturopathic and alternative medicine: Do you prefer a natural approach? Then look no further than Barmer! Take advantage of exclusive conditions offered by our health insurance partner HUK-COBURG Krankenversicherung. With additional outpatient cover, you‘re reimbursed up to 80 percent* of the costs for alternative medical treatments, naturopathic therapies and osteopathy.

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Your life is digital – and so is Barmer

The Barmer App – manage all important communication from wherever you are: Our online service centre and secure member area Meine Barmer allows you to access many of our services digitally via smartphone app or internet browser. For example, you can use this to review patient records, upload your sick notes or make changes to your personal details. Your personal online mailbox enables you to communicate information directly and securely with Barmer. The integrated health manager also helps you to schedule and keep track of important medical appointments.

Rest well with our sleeping aid: You can work better when you‘re well rested. Our Alexa Skill or GoogleHome Action Schlafenszeit (Bedtime) is the ideal way to relax.

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Ways for you to save your hard-earned money

Receive a payout of up to 150 euros or other attractive bonuses each year: The Barmer Bonus Program allows you and co-insured family members to collect bonus points by engaging in health-promoting activities, such as joining an exercise class. You can then redeem these points directly in the app to purchase special rewards.

Optional tariff – up to 900 euros cashback annually: With our optional tariffs, you can be reimbursed up to 900 euros in three years if you make no or only a small number of claims.

Lifelong learning - allowances for health-promoting courses: We contribute up to 200 euros annually towards health education courses on exercise and fitness, nutrition, relaxation and addiction. 

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Checklist for employees

Moving to Germany for work? For international employees, Germany offers many opportunities for a successful career. Find everything you need for a perfect start with our helpful checklist for employees.

Checklist for employees

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Frequently asked questions for employees

It depends on the salary. In 2023, employees in Germany with an annual gross salary below €66600 (monthly €5550) are subject to mandatory public health insurance. Once the gross salary exceeds this limit, the employee can be voluntarily insured.

At Barmer, you only pay 8.05% of your gross salary for the security and benefits of public health insurance. As contributions are shared 50/50 between employer and employee, the contribution rate for employees is currently 16.1%. This is a combination of the standard statutory contribution rate of 14.6% and the additional individual contribution rate of 1.5%.

The contribution rate for long-term care insurance is 4,0 % (without children) – your employer pays 1,7 % of this amount. Parents receive a 0.25% reduction on their long-term care contribution rate for each child under the age of 25. Therefore, in the future, contribution rates for long-term care insurance will be tiered.

Your employer. In most cases, your employer will deduct your share directly from your salary and then transfer the total amount directly to Barmer.

Health insurance contribution for EMPLOYEES in Germany

It’s easy. We organize it for you. When you join Barmer, we will apply for your Social Security Number (Sozialversicherungsausweis) and send it to your postal address. So you don’t have to do anything.

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Your financial security and peace of mind. Barmer protects your income if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury. In most cases, your employer will continue to pay your salary for the first 6 weeks of sick leave. After that, Barmer protects your financial security with sick pay if certain preconditions are met.

No, but we appreciate it when you do. As your partner in health insurance, we like to know when your employment changes so we can coordinate any relevant information with your new employer to make sure you have the perfect start in your new job.

It depends on the length of the gap. As a Barmer member, you can continue your mandatory insurance without contributions if the period between employments is no more than one month – as long as both employments are subject to mandatory health insurance. If the gap between employments is longer than one month, we can change your membership status to voluntary and continue your insurance at the minimum voluntary contribution if you are not earning income in this time. In some cases, it is also possible for you to be covered under family insurance when you’re between jobs.

Yes. You need to inform Barmer when you leave Germany permanently so we can cancel your health insurance at the right time. You’ll need to visit the residents’ registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt) in advance to deregister your address and submit a copy of this document to Barmer. If you continue to work for a German employer but move your main place of residence abroad, both you and your German employer will be subject to the social security laws of your new country of residence. In this case, you’ll need to liaise very closely with your employer and local authorities to avoid any complications.

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