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Barmer benefits

Financial security & contributions

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With Barmer, you never have to worry about high medical costs. No matter what happens to you.

Public health insurance – a smart choice with no financial risks

Barmer is your gateway to one of the best public healthcare systems in the world. That’s why 90% of Germans place their trust in public health insurance for safety and peace of mind. The public healthcare system guarantees free access to comprehensive medical care and protects your financial security. In contrast, people who choose private health insurance have individual policies with detailed terms and conditions, which can result in unexpected costs if you become ill.

Your health and financial security are two of your most precious assets. When choosing between public and private insurance in Germany, think carefully about who to place your trust in. Barmer members and their families not only benefit from an excellent healthcare system, but also from a wide range of extra financial benefits and additional services, too. Because at Barmer, we help you to get the most out of your health insurance.

Contributions to the best health insurance


For students in Germany, it’s not possible to get public health insurance alone – long-term care insurance is mandatory as well, and both contributions are combined. All students pay the same reduced rate for these insurances.

Students are required to pay a monthly contribution of €128.38 (under the age of 23) or €133.25 (from the age of 23). Students with children receive a reduction on their long-term care contribution rate of 0.25% per child (from two to five children under the age of 25).

Health insurance:Long-term care insurance:Additional individual contribution rate
82.99 euros€27,61* respectively €32,48**€17,78

* under the age of 23 without children
** from the age of 23 without children 

Health insurance contribution for students in Germany

Employees and apprentices

For employees and apprentices, your contributions depend on the amount of money you earn from your employment. In Germany, the costs for health insurance are shared equally between the employee and employer. At Barmer, you pay 8.395% of your gross salary and your employer pays 8.395%.

In addition, long-term care insurance is mandatory and both contributions are combined. The contribution rate for long-term care insurance is 4,0 % (without children) – your employer pays 1,7 % of this amount. Parents receive a 0.25% reduction on their long-term care contribution rate for each child under the age of 25. Therefore, in the future, contribution rates for long-term care insurance will be tiered.

Find out more in this video: How to pay contributions for my health insurance.

Health insurance contribution for EMPLOYEES in Germany

Financial rewards for a healthy lifestyle

  • Receive a cash reward of €150 each year: With the Barmer Bonus Program, you and your co-insured family members can easily collect bonus points by taking part in health-promoting activities, such as joining a fitness class or getting a vaccination. You can then redeem these points directly in the Barmer-App to receive a cash reward – directly to your bank account.
  • Optional tariff – up to €900 cashback: With our tariffs, you can receive up to €900 in three years if you rarely visit a doctor. Speak to your personal service advisor today about how to enjoy the financial benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Reimbursement for health and fitness courses:  We pay up to €200 annually towards approved courses on health, fitness, relaxation, nutrition, and addiction.