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Barmer Benefits

Our services and products

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From the Barmer-App to dental care and vaccinations, we offer you the best healthcare services and products for a healthy, modern lifestyle. International employees, students and families benefit from award-winning health insurance made easy.

Medical treatment

Whether you visit a general practitioner or specialist, need hospital treatment or rehabilitation: Barmer covers for you all necessary treatments and medications. All you need is your personal electronic health insurance card.

Prescriptions and pharmacies in Germany

Healthy teeth are priceless. Barmer covers statutory costs for dental treatments and check-ups, and offers you additional benefits, too. 
Barmer supports you in receiving treatment with alternative healing methods, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.
Barmer members are free to choose which registered medical practitioner or hospital they wish to visit.
Find a doctor who speaks your preferred language. It’s easy with the Barmer Doctor Finder.

Qualified doctors are available daily from 6.00 to 24.00 to provide Barmer members with free medical advice and second opinions via telephone.

Simply call +49 202 568 3333 560 to get in touch with our medical experts.*

* Find out more about the Teledoktor here (in german).

Prevention & vaccinations

You receive free preventive examinations and screenings, such as our free comprehensive “Check-up” for the early detection of health risks, disease and exposure.
Do you need vaccinations for your travels abroad? Barmer reimburses the full cost of these so you have more money left over to enjoy your holiday.
Barmer covers the full costs for all recommended and mandatory vaccinations in Germany, such as tetanus or measles.

Barmer members receive a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for necessary emergency treatments in the EU and EEA. The EHIC is displayed on the back of your Barmer e-health card, so always take it with you when you travel! For full details, visit our FAQs.

The electronic health insurance card

As a special benefit, take advantage of our free comprehensive Skin Check – available to Barmer members every two years up to the age of 34. After the age of 35, skin cancer screenings become a standard public healthcare service. Contact us for more advice on age-limit differences between federal states. 

Digital services & products

Make changes to your personal details, fill out forms and upload your sick notes from wherever you are. Your secure personal online mailbox enables direct and secure communication with Barmer in English, and the integrated health manager helps you to schedule and keep track of important medical appointments. The Barmer-App is also the gateway to many more digital products like the 7Mind meditation app, CyberHealth courses, eCare or Barmer Bonus Program.
When everything becomes a bit too much, 7Mind helps you to keep your cool. Barmer members receive 12 months free exclusive access to this popular mindfulness training programme.
Train at home whenever you want with the help of professional health and fitness videos. You can choose from a variety of courses like yoga, back strengthening or weight reduction. CyberHealth is free for Barmer members.

eCare is a digital record where you and your doctor can securely store all information about your medical treatments, such as blood values, e-doctor letters or medication plans. This way, you can easily keep track of all your health-related data.

BARMER eCare: Your Electronic Patient Folder

Financial benefits

With the Barmer Bonus Program, you and your co-insured family members can easily collect bonus points by taking part in health-promoting activities, such as joining a fitness class or getting a vaccination. You can then redeem these points directly in the Barmer-App to receive a cash reward – directly to your bank account. 
With our Pro Fit tariff, you can receive up to €300 each year and up to €900 in three years if you rarely visit a doctor. Speak to your personal service advisor today about how to enjoy the financial benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
We pay up to €200 annually towards approved courses on health, fitness, relaxation, nutrition, and addiction. 
BARMER is here for you when you’re unable to work for an extended period due to illness or injury. We protect the income of employees from the 6th week of sick leave and provide self-employed members with optional sick-pay tariffs.

Pregnancy & family

If you bring your spouse or children to Germany, they’re in safe hands with Barmer. Your dependent family members who earn under €505 (€538 with minijob) a month can be co-insured free of charge – no matter how large your family is.
During pregnancy, we cover the costs of all medically necessary treatments as well as medications and medical aids. Furthermore, as a member of Barmer, you receive an additional budget of €200 to spend on extra services of your choice, such as professional dental cleaning, a toxoplasmosis screening or additional medication. 
We make sure your children have access to regular screening tests to help counteract the effect of health deficiencies or developmental problems from an early stage. Barmer supports you with additional expert examinations and facilitates quick and easy consultation between your pediatrician and specialist doctors.