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Insurance for employed people

You concentrate on your job – we’ll take care of the rest. Make the most of our top-quality benefits – and first-class customer service just as you like it!

Quick and convenient – make the most of the services available via our new online ‘branch’. Many services can be accessed from the comfort of your own home. You can also use our digital channels to contact us in person at any time – even outside working hours and when out and about.

  • A selection of our top-quality benefits for employed people:
  • Work-life balance training
  • Online health training
  • Seminars for relatives who are caregivers
  • Attractive bonus programs for employed people

Customer service just as you like it:

  • Convenient online ‘branch’, Barmer-App, and consultant chat service
  • Access your specialist faster with waiting time management solutions
  • 24-hour specialist phone service
  • Or visit your local branch
With Barmer, employed people can make the most of top-quality benefits and first-class customer service. For more information on benefits for employed people, please click here (German).

With online services, you are set free from the restrictions of distance and time, and can still enjoy outstanding service and first-class consultations. Whether waiting time management solutions, a reminder service for appointments, or the various prevention services to keep you healthy, Barmer is the ideal choice for employed people.

Mobile access to our services with the Barmer-App! Our app gives you easy mobile access to a wide range of Barmer services. We offer reliable support wherever you may be. For more information on the Barmer-App, please click here (German).

Whether in the office, enjoying your free time or traveling – stress can affect you in any situation. It is particularly important that employed people establish a healthy balance between work and leisure. We can provide tips on how to handle stress and also offer special relaxation courses to improve your work-life balance.

Whether you’ve just started out or are already well on your way. Barmer is here to support you throughout your career – and has the perfect insurance solution for everyone. Trainees, employees, and voluntarily insured persons pay a maximum of 15.7 percent for 100 percent of our services. For more information on premiums, please click here (German).

Barmer offers free courses for relatives who are caregivers on a range of care-related subjects. These include:

  • Everything you need to know about long-term care
  • Understanding dementia
  • How to increase mobility
  • Targeted mobility training

For more information on these courses, please click here (German).

Do you want to get fitter and healthier? This is your chance – we’re here to help. You can use online health training from Barmer to help boost your health awareness. Our online health training gives you the opportunity to focus on the theory and practice of a range of health topics. What’s more, the digital content can be accessed anywhere, any time. For more information on online health training, please click here (German).

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