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Benefits at the dentist’s office

Regular dental check-ups and any treatment you need: your dental health means a lot to Barmer.

Dental health

Regular preventive dental care, dental specialists, or bonus payments for dental prostheses: your dental health means a lot to Barmer.

Dental prosthesis

Healthy teeth – for life. With the Barmer dental program, you can take advantage of a host of benefits. 

Dental prosthesis

Barmer contributes to the costs of recognized dental prostheses by means of a fixed subsidy that correlates to the diagnosis. Every dental diagnosis is assigned a precisely defined and evaluated standard treatment. Patients can choose a more expensive or alternative treatment in place of the standard treatment. This does not cause them to lose the fixed subsidy. 

Dental sealant with orthodontic treatment

Policy holders receiving orthodontic/dental treatment with a fixed brace are entitled to a reimbursement of costs for dental sealant. 

Early prevention for young children: Dental prophylaxis to prevent cavities

Whether you need a simple check-up or a dental prosthesis, Barmer will cover the full cost of any treatment with a network dentist with no time limits. 

Early prevention for young children: Dental prophylaxis to prevent cavities

Barmer promotes dental health in young children. It now covers additional dental prophylaxis from the age of 6 months – as soon as the child’s first teeth come in. This helps ensure that any cavities are detected early. 


Every tooth or jaw misalignment is different. But if it starts to have a serious impact on your chewing, biting, breathing, or speech, you need prompt orthodontic treatment. Barmer will be happy to provide any information you need and details of the requirements that must be met in order for us to cover the costs of such treatment.

Preventive dental care for adults

Adults should visit their dentist annually for preventive dental care examinations, even if they are not experiencing any acute problems. Barmer will cover the costs of any statutory services and will also pay a bonus if a dental prosthesis is required. 

Preventive dental care for children

Children and young people from six to 18 years of age should visit their dentist twice per year to prevent tooth and periodontal illnesses. Barmer works closely with dentists and health authorities to carry out preventive dental care programs in kindergartens and schools. 

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