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When you first arrive in Germany and your German isn‘t that good yet, it‘s helpful to have someone you can talk with in English. Simply call our English Service Hotline. Your Barmer representative will personally deal with your questions as quickly as possible.

Telephone hotline

You can contact Barmer from within Germany or from abroad. The Barmer telephone hotline is in English language and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for free, fast, expert advice on any questions you have regarding your insurance coverage.

Calls from German landlines and mobile networks are always free of charge. You can also contact the English-speaking hotline from abroad.

You can also contact the English-speaking hotline from abroad. Simply call +49 202 568 333 0060.

The Barmer Teledoktor is on call around the clock to answer any questions you may have on medications or treatment.
Would you like us to call you back? Simply send us your telephone number and your preferred call time. We will call you back as soon as possible.

Service chat

Do you need to locate a doctor who speaks your preferred language or enquire about the many benefits available to you as a BARMER member? Our advisors are always happy to support you via chat (only in German).

Email service

Do you need a form or do you have a question regarding your health insurance coverage? You can send a message to us here. We would be happy to call you back if you prefer.

To the Barmer email form (German)

Online support

As a member you can use the members' area Meine Barmer. Here you manage all your details online – from submitting applications and changing details to printing certificates. All you need ist to register and to create an account.

Meine Barmer (German)

Barmer offices

Our offices are open again. We look forward to your visit.

You have the option of arranging an appointment for a personal consultation with our offices - either by calling our hotline or filling out our contact form (German).

* On weekdays from 8:01 PM to 6:59 AM, weekends and national public holidays, our telephone hotline is operated by our partner vitaservices. The company’s team is specially trained in matters surrounding social insurance. We have specifically chosen them to ensure that you receive the best service possible outside of our business hours. The protection of your data is of course ensured.

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