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Here you can find the addresses, telephone numbers, and business hours of all Barmer branches.

Good to know: Barmer branches can be contacted free of charge from German landlines and German mobile networks.

Simply enter the desired city or postal code. If you are searching using your five-digit German postal code, you will be shown all branches in the surrounding area. We tell you how far away the nearest branch is.

Corona pandemic: our accessibility

In order to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, we are taking the precautionary step of closing our offices. You are welcome to call our service hotline at 0800 3331010 round the clock regarding any issue or business you may have. In urgent cases, you can also schedule a personal appointment here.
Of course, you can contact us by digital means at any time. Thank you for your understanding, and stay healthy.

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0800 333 0060

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+49 202 568 333 0060

interested persons within Germany
0800 333004 996666

interested persons outside Germany
+49 202 568 996666


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