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Optional tariffs

BARMER members can choose the level of coverage they need – sick pay coverage, for instance, gives self-employed people more financial security.

Deductible tariffs are ideal for people who rarely fall ill – while premium reimbursement tariffs make living healthily really pay off.

To help avoid any loss of income during periods in which you are unable to work, we offer a range of attractive optional sick pay tariffs for self-employed people and some employees. The choice is yours – with the supplementary tariff, you will receive sick pay from the 22nd to the 42nd day of your illness. If you only require sick pay at a later stage, you can opt for our full tariff. We also offer an attractive optional supplementary tariff for artists and publicists. Further details on our sick pay options are available on our main portal (German). Go to sick pay tariffs (German).

If you do not make use of services for an extended period of time, some of your premium can be reimbursed. Reimbursements up to 200 Euro are available with this tariff. It’s an “all or nothing” arrangement – you will be rewarded for every year that you take part and do not use the service. Interested? Go to optional tariffs for premium reimbursement (German).

You pay a premium for certain services and will receive a reward if you do not use the service, or if you only use it a few times per year. There are seven different deductible tariffs to choose from. Depending on the tariff you choose, you can receive rewards of between 80 and 500 Euro per year. At Barmer, we are happy to advise you on your decision so as to help you find the best deductible tariff to suit you. Go to deductible tariffs (German)

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