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Insurance for school students & trainees

Your school days are almost over, and it’s time to see what the world has to offer. We offer a health insurance option that is just perfect for the early days of your career. Make the most of our first-class benefits and digital services!

While you’re training, every cent counts – just one more reason why Barmer’s optional tariffs are so popular with young people! After all, by making sensible, health-conscious choices, you can make significant savings every year.

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A selection of our top-quality benefits for trainees:

  • Save money with optional tariffs
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Exemption from co-payments if under 18
  • Free contraceptive pill (up to the age of 22 - From the 18th birthday on only the statutory additional payment is necessary)

Customer service just as you like it:

  • Convenient online ‘branch’, BARMER-App, and consultant chat service
  • 24-hour specialist phone service
  • Or visit your local branch
You can make use of our extensive range of services throughout your training program – we are always happy to help. For more information on services for trainees and the most important forms and applications, please click here (German). 

How do I find the right training placement for me? What do I need to include in my application? How do I best prepare for the interview? Answers to all your questions regarding the application process are available here. Go to the application tips (German)

Deductible tariffs offer great flexibility – you pay a premium for certain services and will receive a reward if you do not use the service, or if you only use it a few times per year. Go to deductible tariffs (German)

Staying protected on your trip: traveling abroad comes with certain health risks. However, you can minimize some of these risks by getting vaccinated before you leave. BARMER will pay for travel vaccinations. Go to travel vaccinations (German)

First time abroad? Watch our video and share it!

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