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Insurance for self-employed people

Barmer offers a range of services and programs specifically designed for self-employed people. Make the most of our top-quality benefits – and first-class customer service just as you like it!

For self-employed people, managing your affairs independently can be particularly important. Our optional tariffs make it easy to take control. You can decide on your own personal tariff and manage your premiums to suit yourself.

A selection of our top-quality benefits for self-employed people:

  • Save money with optional tariffs
  • Work-life balance training
  • Dental care experts check cost estimates
  • Attractive bonus programs for self-employed people

Customer service just as you like it:

  • Convenient online ‘branch’, Barmer-App, and consultant chat service
  • Access your specialist faster with waiting time management solutions
  • 24-hour specialist phone service
  • Or visit your local branch

Self-employed people who work full-time can enjoy comprehensive insurance coverage and a range of additional services from Barmer. This is the ideal way for you to gain statutory insurance voluntarily and thus maximize your security while remaining independent. For more information on benefits for self-employed people, please click here (German). 
Find out about what we offer for self-employed people, save time with our extensive range of online services, and rest assured that with Barmer, you’re always in safe hands. From obtaining certificates and applying for services to making use of personal consultations – head online for the easiest and quickest solutions! For more information on services and consultation for self-employed people, please click here (German).
Affordable premium rates and extensive Barmer benefits are also available for people who are self-employed and work full time. You even have the option to receive sick pay in the event of long-term illnesses. For more information on premiums, please click here (German).
Mobile access to our services with the Barmer-App! Our app gives you easy mobile access to a wide range of Barmer services. We offer reliable support wherever you may be. For more information on the Barmer-App, please click here (German). 
We go the extra mile when it comes to your health, so why should our approach to customer service be any different? We aim to make your life as simple as possible by providing practical ideas and services. Our agents want you to feel well taken care of, whichever communication channel you choose to use. To personal consultation
To help avoid any loss of income during periods in which you are unable to work, we offer a range of attractive optional sick pay tariffs for self-employed people and some employees. More information on Barmer optional tariffs
We have worked with our partner HUK-COBURG-Krankenversicherung to develop a tailored range of additional insurance options with exclusive conditions. More information on additional insurance

Barmer offers free courses for relatives who are caregivers on a range of care-related subjects. These include:

  • Everything you need to know about long-term care
  • Understanding dementia
  • How to increase mobility
  • Targeted mobility training

For more information on these courses, please click here (German).

At Barmer, early detection services come at no additional cost, as do a range of other extras for everyone who really values their health. From early cancer detection and free skin examinations to our preventive dental care program – find out more about these and other Barmer services for personalized healthcare (German).
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