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Insurance for families

With Barmer, your family’s health is in safe hands. So make the most of our top-quality benefits – and first-class customer service just as you like it!

When it comes to your family’s health, every little detail matters – and Barmer has plenty of extras on offer. For instance, we are the first health insurance provider in Germany to offer Paed Check® extended ultrasound examinations – three additional early detection tests for children and young people.

A selection of our top-quality benefits for the whole family:

  • Special services for pregnant women
  • Extended coverage with the program for children and young people
  • Preventive dental care
  • Alternative treatments
  • Attractive bonus program for the whole family

And customer service just as you like it:

  • Convenient online ‘branch’, service app, and consultant chat service
  • 24-hour specialist phone service
  • Or visit your local branch

As a family, you can make use of a very special advantage – you only pay one premium, however big your family is. Our members can extend coverage to everyone in their family, as long as:

  • their permanent or usual place of residence is in Germany
  • their total monthly income does not exceed 435 Euro (or 450 Euro for low-paid or part-time “mini-jobs”)
  • they are not self-employed on a full-time basis
  • they are neither otherwise covered by statutory insurance nor exempt from compulsory insurance.

You will of course be able to access the full range of Barmer services right from the start.

For more information on benefits for families, please click here (German).

Having a reliable health partner is a key part of day-to-day family life. The high-speed customer service and first-class consultation options we offer at Barmer are sure to help your family feel well looked after.

Extensive options for personal consultation: We aim to make your life as simple as possible by providing practical ideas and services. You are therefore free to choose how you want to receive information and support from us.

  • Our service chat is available for direct advice and high-speed response
  • If you would like to be called back at a particular time, you can use our free ring-back service
  • You can contact us online at any time – we monitor our e-mail on a continual basis
  • We offer a free telephone hotline for any questions you may have regarding your insurance coverage – 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Alternatively, you can always contact your local Barmer branch

More information on Barmer personal consultation services and important forms and applications are available here (German).

Children’s health is hugely important to us – the Barmer program for children and young people is designed for all children and young people insured with us. This improves pediatrician services, early detection, and health support by means of extra information, additional services, and better coordination. More information on the program for children and young people (German)


You can win points with our bonus program by taking part in activities relating to preventive care, early detection, sport, exercise, or relaxation. Get active – for attractive rewards! More information on the bonus program (German)

Barmer is the first health insurance provider to cover the costs of an internet-based treatment for children with functional visual impairments. It provides targeted eye training, offering excellent treatment for this type of visual impairment. More information on the internet-based treatment for children” (German)

Children and young people from six to 18 years of age should visit their dentist twice per year to prevent tooth and periodontal illnesses. Barmer works closely with dentists and health authorities to carry out preventive dental care programs in kindergartens and schools. More information on preventive dental care for children (German)

We offer special protection for pregnant women and new mothers. Healthy women have the best chance of experiencing a smooth pregnancy and normal birth. More information on prenatal care (German)

It’s Friday afternoon – the pediatrician’s practice has already closed and your child has a fever. Not sure whether you need a doctor right away? Contact the teledoctor team first! Go to the teledoctor

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