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Barmer Teledoctor

Do you have a question about your health, medication, or treatment? Our Teledoctor will be happy to help. Here at Barmer, our medical experts provide advice and reassurance around the clock.

Qualified medical consultation by phone or e-mail. Our expert team of experienced specialists and general practitioners will provide fast, reliable answers to your questions on anything to do with your health: from asthma to toothaches.

The Barmer Teledoctor service is provided by our partner almeda GmbH. Its doctors and medical team are of course obligated to maintain confidentiality – including towards Barmer. The protection of your data is ensured at all times.

Contact the Barmer Teledoctor by calling 0800 3333 500 free of charge (from German landlines or mobile networks).
The Barmer Teledoctor is always available, with no waiting.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Questions to our team of doctors

You can also send your questions by e-mail. Our team of doctors will respond as quickly as possible, but always within two working days.
You can also use our online forum to get fast, expert advice on any questions you may have about your health. 

How to reach us from abroad

You can also contact the Barmer Teledoctor from abroad by calling +49 202 568 3333 500.

(Outside of the German mobile network, call charges will depend on the operator.)

Contacting a doctor or emergency services

Our experts are here to help you get healthy and make sure you stay that way. But this does not replace a doctor’s treatment. In the event of an emergency, always contact your doctor or the emergency services by calling 112.

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