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Prevention-related benefits

Prevention is better than cure: Barmer offers a wide range of preventive services to help you take an active role in improving your own health. 

“aktiv pluspunkten” bonus program

Living an active lifestyle can help reduce the risk of illness. So Barmer has created the “aktiv pluspunkten” (active plus points) program to help its policy holders commit to improving their own health.

Bonus booklet

Dental prostheses will be less expensive for you if you are able to provide evidence of regular preventive care by means of your bonus booklet.

Check-up 35

This free health check for people over the age of 35 helps to detect common illnesses early. 

Dental sealant with orthodontic treatment

Policy holders receiving orthodontic/dental treatment with a fixed brace are entitled to a reimbursement of costs for dental sealant.

Early bowel cancer detection

Bowel cancer prevention is an important but often uncomfortable topic. Our immunochemical fecal occult blood test (iFOBT) could change that. A single stool sample is all we need for this innovative form of bowel cancer detection.

Early detection examinations for children

Barmer offers numerous early detection examinations for newborns and children to help ensure that they grow up healthy and carefree. These examinations aim to detect developmental delays at an early stage so that the child can receive prompt treatment and support.

Early detection of cancer

Barmer promotes the early detection of cancers and covers screening costs for both women and men, from certain ages.

Early prevention for young children: Dental prophylaxis to prevent cavities

Barmer promotes dental health in young children. It now covers additional dental prophylaxis from the age of 6 months – as soon as the child’s first teeth come in. This helps ensure that any cavities are detected early. 

Health courses

Take an active role in improving your health – Barmer will be with you every step of the way.


Barmer supports M.O.B.I.L.I.S. – a weight loss program specifically designed for severely overweight people. To take part in the M.O.B.I.L.I.S. program, policy holders must be able to complete an exercise program, have an initial examination with a doctor, and be prepared to change their lifestyle.

Prenatal care

We offer special protection for pregnant women and new mothers. Healthy women have the best chance of experiencing a smooth pregnancy and normal birth.

Preventive dental care for adults

Adults should visit their dentist annually for preventive dental care examinations, even if they are not experiencing any acute problems. Barmer will cover the costs of any statutory services and will also pay a bonus if a dental prosthesis is required.

Preventive dental care for children

Children and young people from six to 18 years of age should visit their dentist twice per year to prevent tooth and periodontal illnesses. Barmer works closely with dentists and health authorities to carry out preventive dental care programs in kindergartens and schools.

Preventive outpatient benefits at recognized health resorts

Barmer can cover preventive outpatient care at a recognized health resort if your local outpatient treatment facilities are insufficient. 

Skin cancer screening

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers. Regular early detection examinations are therefore vital. Under Barmer’s skin cancer screening program, policy holders aged 35 and over can have their skin checked every two years.

Skin check-up

Barmer policy holders under the age of 35 have even more benefits when it comes to the early detection of skin cancer. Skin checks are provided free of charge in almost every region of Germany.

Stress prevention through awareness

Barmer can help you to reduce your stress levels. Our “Stress prevention through awareness” course will teach you how to handle and reduce stress.

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