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Long-term care benefits

If you need long-term care, we’re here to help. The Barmer long-term care fund covers a wide range of services and ensures that your relatives have all of the information they need. 

Additional care and relief benefits

A person receiving outpatient long-term care benefits is also entitled to additional benefits to help him or her lead an independent life at home for as long as possible.

Additional support and activities during inpatient care

The Barmer long-term care fund is particularly supportive of additional services for the residents of inpatient facilities.

Benefits in kind

You can apply for long-term care benefits in kind to employ professional caregivers at home. The long-term care service providers or welfare centers bill the Barmer long-term care fund directly.

Care aids

To make your long-term care at home easier, and to help you live a more independent life, the Barmer long-term care fund can pay for care aids such as emergency phone systems.

Care allowance

If private individuals are involved in caring for you at home, the Barmer long-term care fund can help pay for this with a monthly care allowance.

Care courses

Courses and training programs on various topics and situations.

Care support allowance

Under Germany’s Care Leave Act, relatives who are caring for a family member on top of their regular employment can, subject to certain conditions, take up to ten days off work to do so. Our policy holders can apply to us for a care support allowance to replace their salary for this period.

Combination benefits

Our policy holders can combine sick pay with benefits in kind.

Day or night care

Day or night care refers to intermittent care in an inpatient facility. This type of help can be combined with other home care services.

Finding long-term care facilities

Our Care Guide can help you find the right inpatient or outpatient long-term care facility for you. 

Fully inpatient care

Fully inpatient care is an alternative if a patient cannot be treated at home or under a day or night care program.

Home modifications

Long-term care sometimes requires modifications to your home. The Barmer long-term care fund can contribute to the costs of modifying your living space.

Hospice care

People suffering from very advanced illnesses with no chance of recovery can receive palliative hospice care during the final phase of their lives.

In-home nursing care

Caring for someone at home can be a challenge for everyone involved. Necessary measures such as injections or drips, wound care, and aspirating and ventilating are not only tough on patients, they are often difficult for relatives as well. As part of our in-home nursing care program, our policy holders can be treated by a qualified nurse in their own home.

Residential group surcharge

The residential group surcharge is designed to help outpatients living in social housing.

Respite care

If a private caregiver is temporarily absent due to travel or illness, a person requiring long-term care is entitled to respite care services or a substitute caregiver.

Short-term care

Unexpected things can happen from time to time. When they do, you may need short-term care. The Barmer long-term care fund will cover the costs of this for any policy holder receiving outpatient long-term care benefits.

Specialist outpatient palliative care

Dying with dignity, at home and as pain-free as possible – Barmer policy holders are entitled to general medical and long-term palliative care and, in certain cases, specialized outpatient palliative care.

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