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Illness benefits

When you get ill, you want to recover as soon as possible. Barmer offers extensive benefits to help you get back on your feet.

Cooperation clinics

Barmer covers the costs of all services involved in your medical rehabilitation as required by law. Quality is the most important factor. We check very carefully to determine which of our partner clinics can provide the optimal service for our policy holders.

Domestic help

What would happen if you became ill and were no longer able to manage your household and look after your children? With us, you and your family are in safe hands. We can provide you with domestic help – over and above statutory levels. And we will also be there to help you during pregnancy and childbirth.

Follow-up rehabilitation

Follow-up rehabilitation refers to measures carried out immediately or shortly after hospital treatment for certain illnesses. Barmer covers the costs for this, provided another party (for example your pension insurance provider) is not primarily responsible.

Hospital treatment

If you have to go to the hospital, Barmer will cover the full costs of general hospital services provided at over 2,000 of our network hospitals across Germany.

Integrated care

If you require medical treatment, we can offer an integrated care program to ensure that your every need is covered. Integrated care programs are particularly effective as they bring together your different levels of treatment and ensure that everyone involved works together.

Medical aids

Whether you need visual aids, hearing aids, incontinence aids, or orthopedic shoes, Barmer can help you select and purchase high-quality, suitable products.

Medication discount agreements

Barmer is committed to providing its policy holders with high-quality medication at affordable prices. To do this, we have long-standing discount agreements with medication manufacturers for both brand name and generic drugs.

Medications exempt from co-payments

Many medications are completely exempt from co-payments. These are particularly inexpensive drugs, with prices well below the fixed amount. Barmer has negotiated discount agreements with a number of medication manufacturers whose medications are exempt from co-payments.

Outpatient rehabilitation

Rehabilitation can be necessary if treatment with medications, remedies, and medical aids does not alleviate your injury, disability, or impairment.

Over-the-counter medication

The Health Reform of 2004 states that all non-prescription drugs are normally to be paid for by the patients themselves.

Parent-child treatments

Parent-child treatments can be necessary if treatment with medications, remedies, and medical aids does not alleviate the injury, disability, or impairment.

Prescription medication

Prescription medications are prescribed by your treating physician. You then have the prescription filled at your pharmacy. The amount of any co-payment you may have to pay depends on the fixed amounts.


Remedies are used to treat an illness, prevent it from worsening, or alleviate symptoms. Barmer will pay the costs for remedies prescribed by its network physicians. Remedies we can cover include physiotherapy, ergotherapy, voice, speech, and language therapies, and podiatry therapies for diabetic foot syndrome.

Sick pay

Barmer is there for you when you are employed but are unable to work for an extended period. You need a reliable partner to get you back on your feet after an illness. So we provide sick pay to help you through.

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