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Pregnant women are in safe hands with Barmer. We offer comprehensive coverage for mothers-to-be.

Artificial insemination

If a couple wishes to have a child and is struggling to conceive naturally, there is also the option of artificial insemination. This treatment is considered a part of standard outpatient medical care and is carried out through specialist fertility clinics.


Our policy holders can choose to give birth either as an outpatient or inpatient: in a hospital, in a hospital with an affiliated midwife, in a midwife-led facility, or at home with support from one of our contracted midwives. Barmer will cover the associated costs.

Family Plus Package

Children will change everything – your everyday life, working and family life. Especially the times during pregnancy and after birth are very exciting for young parents. We will help you to stay relaxed with all the new efforts. Therefore Barmer developed the family plus package – including a more of health, extras and safeness for mother and child.

Maternity pay

We offer maternity pay to ensure that our mothers-to-be can enjoy financial security.

Midwife support

Women insured with Barmer can receive advice and support from a freelance midwife right from the start of their pregnancy. Midwife support complements the services provided by your doctor.

Postnatal exercise

Get fit and trim again after your pregnancy – and take some time for yourself. After giving birth, a woman’s pelvic floor muscles are often weak, and her desire to get her old figure back is strong. Participating in post-natal exercise classes can help on both fronts.

Prenatal care

We offer special protection for pregnant women and new mothers. Healthy women have the best chance of experiencing a smooth pregnancy and normal birth.

Prenatal courses

Prenatal courses help the pregnant woman and her partner prepare physically and mentally for delivery and the postpartum period.

Sick pay

Barmer is there for you when you are employed but are unable to work for an extended period. You need a reliable partner to get you back on your feet after an illness. So we provide sick pay to help you through.

Sick pay in the event of a child’s illness

We provide sick pay for policy holders if they have to stay home from work to care for their child who is ill, and no one else in the household is able to care for the child.

Terminating a pregnancy

In certain cases, Barmer will cover the costs of terminating a pregnancy.

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