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Benefits at the doctor’s office

You can choose to visit any of our network physicians. Simply present your insurance card at their practice so that we can cover your treatment costs.

Doctor finder Doctor finder

Are you looking for a doctor? And would you like to find out about other patients’ experiences? With the BARMER Arztnavi (German), you can do both: find a doctor and read reviews.

General practitioner (GP)-centered care

Here at Barmer, we know that our policy holders prefer their care to be coordinated by their GP due to the advantages this provides in terms of treatment and overall health management.


Homeopathic treatments are becoming increasingly popular. So Barmer has negotiated a national contract with highly-qualified homeopathic doctors in order to provide these services for its policy holders.

Medical treatment

Should you require medical assistance, Barmer will accept the full costs of your treatment with no time limits. You will be able to choose from any of our network physicians, who will be remunerated in accordance with the terms of our payment contracts. This ensures that you receive the best possible treatment from a doctor you trust.

Preventive outpatient benefits at recognized health resorts

Barmer can cover preventive outpatient care at a recognized health resort if your local outpatient treatment facilities are insufficient.


Psychological illnesses affect men and women, young and old, the employed and unemployed. They are not uncommon, but the reasons behind them can be quite varied.

Second opinion

Every policyholder has the right to request a second opinion – and not only if they have doubts about the suggested treatment.

Waiting time management

Would you like to arrange an appointment with a doctor? Do you have to wait too long for an appointment with a specialist? Our waiting time management team will help you get an appointment sooner.

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